There are many opportunities for parents and families to support their band students throughout the year. 

A master griller? Sign up for a shift with the football concession stand.  

A handy builder? The props committee needs your skill. 

A super stitcher? Check out the uniform committee. 

No matter your talent, we have a committee for you!. 

Dates for each activity will be posted to the homepage calendar as soon as they are available. 

Thank you for your support!

Band Camp Meals:

Our students work up an appetite on the practice field. The Boosters prepare supper each night of band camp. We also need volunteers to make sure an ample supply of water and Gatorade is on hand during the day. 

T-Shirt Committee:

This is an early, one time activity. The chair will coordinate with the directors and the t-shirt vendor to ensure shirt orders are distributed, collected/paid, and delivered in plenty of time for the first marching contest.  

Props Committee: 

Committee members help construct the props used to enhance the band's performance. We also need about 30 adults to travel with the band to help place the props on the field. For competitions, we would like to have about 10 to 15 people who can be there each time and other can take turns filling the remaining positions. Sign up for the committee and then let the committee chairs know how you want to help.  

Uniform Committee:

Uniforms have to be fitted every year for each marching band member. Sign up to help our performers look their best! 

Football Concession Stand:

The Band Boosters run the concession stand at Inman Field during every home varsity, junior varsity, and freshman football game.  Each game takes a small staff and a few hours, but is a major fundraiser for the Boosters. Larger events need more workers such as homecoming and senior night.  Sign up for the games that best fit your schedule and we'll help you perfect your popcorn popping skills. 

IBA Concession Stand:

In February, VCSC hosts an Indiana Basketball Association tournament. Concession stands are run simultaneously at Lincoln Arena, Clark Middle School, and Adams Coliseum.


We also need to help the kids keep their energy on the road. The band parents donate snacks for the band member after each contest. Individual packaged cookies, chips, crackers, pudding with spoons, granola bars, bananas, and apples are all popular items. The chair and the committee will organize the collection of the snacks and packing the drink coolers for each trip.


There are several fundraisers the provide much-needed additional funding for the band. Having a chair for each fundraiser along with a core group of volunteers will make each one run smoothly.  

  • Magazine Sales
  • Concerts
  • Concession Stands    
  • Cookie Dough    
  • Fruit Sales    
  • Save-Save Cards     
  • Tag Day   
Spirit Committee:
Show your pride and creativity by decorating lockers, making goodie bags, and signs for regional, semi-state,and state competitions. 

Concert Workers:

Help out when our kids are performing working the ticket booth.