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Weekend Schedules for October 4 and October 17 plus October 22-25 and Command Performance:

THE SNACK WAGON IS EMPTY & I HEAR THE VOICES OF HUNGRY BAND MEMBERS!!! Please help. Individually wrapped items work best. Peanut butter crackers, chips, Little Debbie type snack cakes, Twinkies, rice krispie treats, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. You can send these with your kids to practice. Have them put them in the band office. Apples & bananas can be sent next Saturday.


Reminders from the Band Boosters:

Hello Boosters! 

The concerts and 2015 Band Camp dates are now on the calendar. Check you fundraiser dates also!

Concession Help Needed - Dates Added - Student Can Earn Band Account Funds!

We still have lots of opportunities to support the band with our football concession stand. We will now be doing the Clark 7th & 8th, Freshman, JV, and Varsity football game concessions. If every family made 2 commitments - we could cover it all easily.  Also, since many of the underclassmen games are during band non-practice times, we have a special offer for you. For the Middle School games - band students can work a game and earn $10 for their band account. Email us to sign up.

Plus it is easy to check when you work. Concession worker lists are now on the calendar - just click on game listed on the date and click on "more details". 

Please note that on the High School Games, the times shown are 1 hour before the game starts when the crew will beginning setting up the stand.

We still need more grillers and a few more workers for homecoming night. Email if you can help.


*Contest dates/locations have been added to the calendar - times will be announced as the event approaches.


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Band Boosters is a volunteer organization comprised of educators, parents, families, and community members dedicated to the support of instrumental music. It isn't a coincidence that our marching band is called
The Pride of the Green

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